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Google Trends

Free Backlinks / Free web submission / Free Free Free / Organic / Build Google Page Rank / Keyword / Hit Me

Free Backlinks / Free web submission / Free Free Free / Organic / Build Google Page Rank / Keyword / Hit Me

<H1> ‘d the above

Scuze this cynical use of key wording just curious. If it ranks on google webmaster tools.

Its a nutzoid routine. You have to follow. Your not allowed to do it free is got to be organic. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

So we will avoid the Black and stay in the white zone.

The old google page rank and web hits and all that stuff. <–Just to keyword

I am avoiding naughty words but suspect a pre watershed list will also provide a link  / hit advantage.

Apologies for any humans reading this as stated want to see what happens to page ranks for this post.






The world according to Graeme

Its Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014 – That means I am 47 years, 8 months, and 2 days old and its been 417,888 hours (that’s 17,412 Days) since I was born. Assuming I have slept 8 Hours a day (i should be so lucky) it means I’ve had a total of 278,892 hours awake.

Since I was 12 (leaving 173,388 Hours,10,837 Days)

Reading: 10,836 Hours Reading (Averaging and hour a day, Amazing when I have worked out previously, that at one stage it takes me on average to read a page every minute, lets say 1.5 Minutes a page with the average book being 300 Pages long it will take me 7.5 Hours to read a book. So calculating it as 10,837/7.5 = 1,445 Books. feels like more anyway the numbers don’t lie.

Eating: Again no more than a hour a day so that’s: 10,836

I’ve worked Fairly solidly for the last 20 years so we can calculate: 1,960 working hours a year * 20 plus about another 3 years (some time off in the 80’s, so total 45,080 Hours. Note of interest, I s’pose I’ve been earning on average £15 an hour I will have earn’t, and more horrifyingly, spent £676,200 to date.

Toilet/washing and travelling to afore mentioned facilities: 30 Minutes a day: 5,418 (some of which would have been at work of course) but it will average.

I have spent an hour a day travelling to and from to work for the last 20 years so: 4,900

I could go on but you see where this is going, I need to use some of the time in the next 20 Years (116,867 waking hours) doing something….






I’m going for the Cliche here: What do I write, What is the purpose of me blogging. Why blog?

Its an easy honest answer, I need something, to focus on, I’ve facebooked, but ended up just commenting, not really having anything that I wanted to share. I’ve twittered and needed more space, just ended up writing poetry, as that’s the tweeting format 130 chars (phtoo!!). I’ve google +’d and just ended up with image overload: That’s pretty. That’s sad. That’s funny That’s ….. who cares there’s a zillion images and 7.5 billion ways to spin a comment.

So I’m here with an empty page and no audience……

String;lump;spite;bright;sting;bee; Twaddle…..

So what am I going to do. I am going to type something daily. There’s no format. No agenda. No one to criticize and just a world that might, just might stumble on my meanderings and that is why i’m curious, I need something from all of you, i don’t want to, but its the truth, I will work it out, then I will relax. Its probably Love and Respect but that’s a little mundane.

“Maybe” tomorrow.