I’m going for the Cliche here: What do I write, What is the purpose of me blogging. Why blog?

Its an easy honest answer, I need something, to focus on, I’ve facebooked, but ended up just commenting, not really having anything that I wanted to share. I’ve twittered and needed more space, just ended up writing poetry, as that’s the tweeting format 130 chars (phtoo!!). I’ve google +’d and just ended up with image overload: That’s pretty. That’s sad. That’s funny That’s ….. who cares there’s a zillion images and 7.5 billion ways to spin a comment.

So I’m here with an empty page and no audience……

String;lump;spite;bright;sting;bee; Twaddle…..

So what am I going to do. I am going to type something daily. There’s no format. No agenda. No one to criticize and just a world that might, just might stumble on my meanderings and that is why i’m curious, I need something from all of you, i don’t want to, but its the truth, I will work it out, then I will relax. Its probably Love and Respect but that’s a little mundane.

“Maybe” tomorrow.



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