The world according to Graeme

Its Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014 – That means I am 47 years, 8 months, and 2 days old and its been 417,888 hours (that’s 17,412 Days) since I was born. Assuming I have slept 8 Hours a day (i should be so lucky) it means I’ve had a total of 278,892 hours awake.

Since I was 12 (leaving 173,388 Hours,10,837 Days)

Reading: 10,836 Hours Reading (Averaging and hour a day, Amazing when I have worked out previously, that at one stage it takes me on average to read a page every minute, lets say 1.5 Minutes a page with the average book being 300 Pages long it will take me 7.5 Hours to read a book. So calculating it as 10,837/7.5 = 1,445 Books. feels like more anyway the numbers don’t lie.

Eating: Again no more than a hour a day so that’s: 10,836

I’ve worked Fairly solidly for the last 20 years so we can calculate: 1,960 working hours a year * 20 plus about another 3 years (some time off in the 80’s, so total 45,080 Hours. Note of interest, I s’pose I’ve been earning on average £15 an hour I will have earn’t, and more horrifyingly, spent £676,200 to date.

Toilet/washing and travelling to afore mentioned facilities: 30 Minutes a day: 5,418 (some of which would have been at work of course) but it will average.

I have spent an hour a day travelling to and from to work for the last 20 years so: 4,900

I could go on but you see where this is going, I need to use some of the time in the next 20 Years (116,867 waking hours) doing something….





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