Just tinkering with the mist that is keywords and grouping

Its a virtual world our heads are fed and dominated by the digital content sliced and diced by the search engines 24/7/365 frantic unstoppable feeding frenzy. We search, we hunt, they feed and digitize. Making “MIS” (My Internet Site) a priority is a big question and a multi-billion dollar industry, open to bottom feeders and corporations alike. I understand how. Its all about connecting with a client and serving up a service they need, but ensuring they trust enough to part with that which they want to invest, not spend, to make their own clients trust and invest. Entertainment, services, maintaining contact with friends and family, career development, staying “connected”, feeling admired, owning/buying status symbols, artistic expression, the old needs are all there, just digitized. Ok just throwing it around. Thank-you for listening.



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