Google page Rank Update September 2014

Its another day and the blog needs some love, should really find topics of interest however its got to be said that I would just prefer to let my fingers be controlled by the moment, so consciousness be streaming.

I’m marketing my website in various ways simply as an exercise in Search engine manipulation, I really want the Google page rank update to happen, so I can get moving with selling backlinks and some more serious marketing, but while we’ve seen some penguin movement in August and the announcement on SSL certification (Job Done on  that BTW) gradually having more weight in google listings algorithms (my new mouse just stopped working grrr) (started up again, does not bode well) its just not knowing. If your reading this back link me and comment I will happily reciprocate.

Where to go: BTW apologies for the title its a little cynical but interested to see if it scores/ranks etc Just part of the google word fractal: I imagine there’s a huge super computer out there with all the words and word groups (company names, acronyms, peoples names etc) in the virtual memory waiting for the search query it then grinds it all down to tiny pieces and spits it out on the page, thinking this through its not really that complicated a process: the crawlers copy all the words associated with a domain and have subgroups within that domain relating to the pages, then according to a level of importance, calculated by bunching of the phrase and the importance of the website which relates to the domains connected to it orders them accordingly for consumption.

Lets say we have an active “internet” vocabulary of a 1,000,000 Words (loosely defined that’s the stuff that sits between spaces without apostrophes and punctuation) those words could be associated with any of the the other words so that’s 1,000,000 times 1,000,000 = 1,000,000,000,000 so that’s a trillion (for three and four word phrases it gets silly so we will stick with this for the moment). So now we have a subset of all the 60+ billion pages on line that contain our two words, those that are next to each other become the phrase and are given higher priority, we then get to how we should order them (makes ordering an array A-Z using bubble sort look like child’s play). So one site is more popular (gets more visitors), another has <H1> tags around the phrase (IE its a title not in the body text), another is official (IE .Gov  or .Edu), another pays the search provider, another has better connectivity, another is classified as secure, another has been updated more recently and on and on. The crawlers feed the database and the engine crunches and out comes your results.

just had an idea (no its not for you)!!



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