Monthly Archives: March 2018

Over a year between posts Go Me.

Last post was February 2017, which is an amazing thing to me, as not thought about website content at all, apart from paying bills in the interim.

I’ve currently got a grand total of 6,100 blocked comments, so if anyone human has tried and failed to get a message to me, go for email link from its a wiser choice.

Fiddly flum: I’m actually at work (confession (on a break honest!) ) so ought not attempt a spend of too long trying for textual cleverness only to prove a point to robots and I suppose the future you @@

Below stats are per minute internet usage published in July 2017, so that now cynically = ‘s personal development

Spam e-mails sent 103,447,520
Forecast requests received by The Weather Channel 18,055,555.56
Text messages sent 15,220,700
Videos watched by YouTube users 4,146,600
Searches conducted via Google 3,607,080
GB of data used by Americans 2,657,700
GIFs served by Giphy 694,444
Photos shared on Snapchat 527,760
Tweets sent by Twitter users 456,000
Sales revenue generated by Amazon in USD 258,751.9
Calls made by Skype users 154,200
Posts published by Tumlr users 74,220
Hrs of video streamed on Netflix 69,444
Pieces of content viewed by Buzzfeed users 50,925.92
Posts by Instagram users 46,740
Rides taken by Uber users 45,787.54
Wikipedia users publishing new page edits 600
New professionals signing up to LinkedIn 120
New songs added by Spotify 13