Five Minutes of words

Going to spend five minutes on a post, using stop watch:

Start Now:

Time is passing swiftly and nothing can stop the seconds from ticking so looking to throw down an interesting point of reference to a universal truthe. Ummmm and there nothing so continue to avoid the pressure of all this stuff pushing from the hind brain arguing back forth between the synapses to work past the necessity to type.

Old. New right wrong evil good. hair Why hair strange probably a hang up from somewhere. Am I going to edit test and get rid of typos or respect the purity of the experiment, or  (3m) look to work harder for clarity.

So buildin(between the G had call stopped clock)g to a conclusion as we draw to a close as the last minute approches. strictly speaking this is not stream on consciousness just mad dash to get maximum output before I bring the experiment down a path to a fruitless resolution. Now we are within the last 30 seconds and want go out with a BANG so there is was now goodbye until the next time..


And publish dunno why but snapshot for my future. Maybe if I ever read this again,


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