Monthly Archives: September 2023

A thing

Sitting in the vastness of empty space: Is a thing. Its colourless and formless, has not purpose, but is none the less, a thing. If we had to recognise its whole, it would surely cease to exist, so we watch it from the corner of our eye and hold our breath in case it becomes a nothing. Why: we do not know, but it will be a thing forever, if we do not seek to control it’s reason for being. Never look at that thing, it is not actually there, but we know with all our awareness it is our reality. So live life in all its fullness, diversity, colour and form but please know, the thing is and is a certainty for eternal days beyond our own.

Another half decade

OK this is probably a theme but 5 years is excessive: We’ve lived through Covid (we hope) and got older and sillier. I have no thoughts now that are not subsumed by decades of content absorption. Link and filter, filter and link. Synapses cascade to focus words or images associated with labels; Book, program, game, person or Movie. Real world experience is over rated. Interaction ?? “Got to fix the index”.