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Five Minutes of words

Going to spend five minutes on a post, using stop watch:

Start Now:

Time is passing swiftly and nothing can stop the seconds from ticking so looking to throw down an interesting point of reference to a universal truthe. Ummmm and there nothing so continue to avoid the pressure of all this stuff pushing from the hind brain arguing back forth between the synapses to work past the necessity to type.

Old. New right wrong evil good. hair Why hair strange probably a hang up from somewhere. Am I going to edit test and get rid of typos or respect the purity of the experiment, or  (3m) look to work harder for clarity.

So buildin(between the G had call stopped clock)g to a conclusion as we draw to a close as the last minute approches. strictly speaking this is not stream on consciousness just mad dash to get maximum output before I bring the experiment down a path to a fruitless resolution. Now we are within the last 30 seconds and want go out with a BANG so there is was now goodbye until the next time..


And publish dunno why but snapshot for my future. Maybe if I ever read this again,


Over a year between posts Go Me.

Last post was February 2017, which is an amazing thing to me, as not thought about website content at all, apart from paying bills in the interim.

I’ve currently got a grand total of 6,100 blocked comments, so if anyone human has tried and failed to get a message to me, go for email link from graliv.com its a wiser choice.

Fiddly flum: I’m actually at work (confession (on a break honest!) ) so ought not attempt a spend of too long trying for textual cleverness only to prove a point to robots and I suppose the future you @@

Below stats are per minute internet usage published in July 2017, so that now cynically = ‘s personal development

Spam e-mails sent 103,447,520
Forecast requests received by The Weather Channel 18,055,555.56
Text messages sent 15,220,700
Videos watched by YouTube users 4,146,600
Searches conducted via Google 3,607,080
GB of data used by Americans 2,657,700
GIFs served by Giphy 694,444
Photos shared on Snapchat 527,760
Tweets sent by Twitter users 456,000
Sales revenue generated by Amazon in USD 258,751.9
Calls made by Skype users 154,200
Posts published by Tumlr users 74,220
Hrs of video streamed on Netflix 69,444
Pieces of content viewed by Buzzfeed users 50,925.92
Posts by Instagram users 46,740
Rides taken by Uber users 45,787.54
Wikipedia users publishing new page edits 600
New professionals signing up to LinkedIn 120
New songs added by Spotify 13



Long empty dark, bringing faith of content.

Wrongful illusions formed of temporal drift.

Gems of clumped matter with niche’s for living.

Chemical molecular magical creators.

Thin clinging smears shielding co-operative intellectuals.

Cold hard shells for exploration and hope.

Charity of randomized destiny, cutting lines through millennia.

Hold fast, cling long, bring light to the dark.



Mankind’s timeline – How our moments just tick

Was just mulling over a regular series for the blog (still pending).

First thought was to do a series of predictions in relation to technology, science, polotics and environment, but first thing I do is start research and find:



Just though I’d share 2020

2020 — America’s power shift is destabilising the Asia-Pacific region | Generation X is reshaping global politics | Internet use reaches 5 billion worldwide | The 5G standard is released | Texting by thinking | Complex organ replacements grown from stem cells | The first stem cell therapy for congestive heart failure | A cure for malaria | Progress with longevity extension | Genetically engineered “super” bananas | Ultra High Definition Television (4320p) is common in homes | Holographic TV is going mainstream | Africa and the Middle East are linked by a trans-continental bridge |Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games | Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has been significantly expanded | The first self-sufficient, car-free city in mainland China | Completion of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link | The UK has expanded its offshore grid connections | Smart meters in every UK home |Public smoking is banned across every US state | Coal is banned in Beijing | Mercury pollution has been greatly reduced | Glacier National Park and other regions are becoming ice-free | Britain’s new aircraft carriers reach full operational capability | 30,000 drones are patrolling the skies of America| Mars 2020 rover mission | BepiColombo arrives in orbit around Mercury | Video games with photo-realistic graphics | Expo 2020 is held in Dubai





The world is smaller by the day

The world is smaller by the day, and anything that breaks the surface of the web, is gobbled up; tabulated and exists. Our thoughts all stored, analysed and valued in gigantic digital fortresses owned by the corporate world looking to cent and penny to larger balances so they can feed their popularity.


Something I wrote for a G+ post in April 2014, Liked it so Thought I would share it again


Just Discovered/Re-discovered GoodReads (I think I knew it existed) http://goodreads.com

My profile: http://goodreads.com/graeme_livermore

Spent an hour tagging and rating books I’ve read, and burnt out!

The count stands at 368, I will have to take it in little chunks, as I’ve lots more work to do.

Conclusion: I read to much


Above was a quick search, but thinking I must not pick up the book, switch on computer, watch trash, I MUST INSTEAD CREATE.

Albert strikes again.



Thoughts on THE modern

Since the beginning of the 20th century with access to education (in the developed world) becoming a generational upwards curve, textually enabled parents begetting more complex children and on wards we are, as individuals increasingly self aware and better enabled to interact with the millions that now intersect our daily lives.  Technology puts current affairs and personal gossip in our pockets, so there are no lost moments, the times we use to sit or stand and decompress are filled with digital input, yet we are essentially still the same race as has been cataloged from 50,000 years ago. What is the factor that’s accelerated development, or is this just a delusion brought about by connectivity, were we so restricted from external influence in the past, that we now are deluded by the constant impact of close personal interaction with other minds, into believing in the worship of self within community.

The above statement is a stream of consciousness and is obviously generated by my own “moment” but with all the structure encapsulated within modern media, am I just another isolated unit of the hive mind or a construct of personal experience, are concepts, or could it be culture, proliferated unilaterally or is it all part of the shared gestalt. We move through time together, if we share language and are part of the same race, what is the connection that allows such deep communication?

We are:





Google page Rank Update September 2014

Its another day and the blog needs some love, should really find topics of interest however its got to be said that I would just prefer to let my fingers be controlled by the moment, so consciousness be streaming.

I’m marketing my website in various ways simply as an exercise in Search engine manipulation, I really want the Google page rank update to happen, so I can get moving with selling backlinks and some more serious marketing, but while we’ve seen some penguin movement in August and the announcement on SSL certification (Job Done on  that BTW) gradually having more weight in google listings algorithms (my new mouse just stopped working grrr) (started up again, does not bode well) its just not knowing. If your reading this back link me and comment I will happily reciprocate.

Where to go: BTW apologies for the title its a little cynical but interested to see if it scores/ranks etc Just part of the google word fractal: I imagine there’s a huge super computer out there with all the words and word groups (company names, acronyms, peoples names etc) in the virtual memory waiting for the search query it then grinds it all down to tiny pieces and spits it out on the page, thinking this through its not really that complicated a process: the crawlers copy all the words associated with a domain and have subgroups within that domain relating to the pages, then according to a level of importance, calculated by bunching of the phrase and the importance of the website which relates to the domains connected to it orders them accordingly for consumption.

Lets say we have an active “internet” vocabulary of a 1,000,000 Words (loosely defined that’s the stuff that sits between spaces without apostrophes and punctuation) those words could be associated with any of the the other words so that’s 1,000,000 times 1,000,000 = 1,000,000,000,000 so that’s a trillion (for three and four word phrases it gets silly so we will stick with this for the moment). So now we have a subset of all the 60+ billion pages on line that contain our two words, those that are next to each other become the phrase and are given higher priority, we then get to how we should order them (makes ordering an array A-Z using bubble sort look like child’s play). So one site is more popular (gets more visitors), another has <H1> tags around the phrase (IE its a title not in the body text), another is official (IE .Gov  or .Edu), another pays the search provider, another has better connectivity, another is classified as secure, another has been updated more recently and on and on. The crawlers feed the database and the engine crunches and out comes your results.

just had an idea (no its not for you)!!