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Skills List

Plain English (ish) list of programming, IT and related skills

  • Competant quick diagnosis and solutions for all PC Equipment (Software/Hardware)
  • Experienced at systemic analysis. Leading to process automation with user time saving as a priority
  • Professionally problem solved Windows environment issues from 3.11 to Windows 8.1
  • Actively used and programmed macros/forms for Microsoft Office since "Office 97" to Office 365
  • Logical, organised, experienced, realistic, "CHEAP", cool headed approach to problem solving and systems devlopment
  • Expert VBA coder; core competancies MS-Access forms and dataset manipulation
  • Experienced in PHP coding and adaptation in relation to: datasets and display and email handling
  • Expert in SQL
  • Competantly able to adapt and re-code Java and Javascript
  • Creation of full websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript from scratch
  • Registration and handling of Domain names
  • Can apply modern marketing techniques for SEO and Page Ranking for websites
  • Hit tracking and analysis: Google, Bing, server side
  • Management of client facing environments
  • Custom design of macros for Access, Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint
  • Can set up an office LAN(Local Area Network) from the planning stage to daily maintenence
  • Remote working configuration through Router and LAN a specialty
  • Training, documentation, workload organisation, supervision and management of users
  • Expert in data and information harvesting using web based techniques
  • Conversant with mobile operating systems and SDKs: Windows Phone and Android
  • Configure and administer Google Apps (Gmail)
  • Apache servers and cPanel
  • Wordpress: Customisation and remote blogging
  • Twitter: Customisation and remote tweeting
  • Facebook: Customisation and remote tweeting
  • Have active company pages on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus
  • Theres probably more but the above covers most of it, in broad catogories
  • PS I'm always learning so if you want something done ask


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